UC/CSU Course Approval and Recognition of IB Courses

Search for the International Baccalaureate Program on the UC website (https://doorways.ucop.edu/list/) to find the list of IB courses certified as fulfilling the “a-g” subject requirements for UC/CSU admission. The course list indicates which IB courses are UC/CSU certified honors level courses.

Authorized IB Diploma Program schools may add any of the UC approved IB courses to their own “a-g” course list without submitting a complete course description. Courses with honors designation are automatically granted honors status. Follow the instructions on the UC update page (https://doorways.ucop.edu/update/) for submitting a new course that is a UC Previously Approved Course. For automatic approval, your school’s course must have the same exact name that is on the IB “a-g” list. Please check the list and use these UC approved course names at your school.

If your IB school wishes to offer an IB course that is not on the approved UC “a-g” list, please contact Dorothy Battenfeld, the CAWS liaison with the UC (ib.battenfeld@gmail.com). New IB courses must be submitted through the IB Program and cannot be submitted by individual IB schools. Please contact us in advance as the approval process can take several months or longer. IB courses are sent to UC faculty for review. In addition, the UC High School Articulation office will access curriculum guides, papers and exams from the IB website, print out the material and forward to UC faculty representing various disciplines and campuses. This information is used by faculty to (1) determine whether it is appropriate and “approvable” for “a-g” consideration, (2) whether the course(s) should be granted honors weight, and (3) what considerations are made for IB test course credit.

If you have other questions about course approval and college recognition for IB courses, please contact Dorothy Battenfeld, ib.battenfeld@gmail.com or 707-528-5522, extension 6506.

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