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Coordinators and Administrators

As the holiday season approaches, on behalf of the CAWS Board of Directors, we wish you all a well deserved rest and a happy holiday season. Thank you all for supporting our Association and committing yourselves to your students every day. As 2011 approaches let’s resolve to strengthen our ties to one another and continue even more to make CAWS a dynamic group of educators dedicated to excellence and growth.


Our Spring Seminar on IB Recognition will take place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Irvine at 17941 Von Kamen Avenue, about a mile away from John Wayne Airport in Orange County. The hotel has given us a great room rate of $99 a night plus tax for anyone wanting to stay the night of Feb. 27th and they have included other amenities as well. Online Registration information and the agenda are on the website REGISTER NOW! It is especially important that you get your Head of School and Superintendent to this conference because it addresses the issue of the IB Diploma meeting California graduation standards. Bob Poole, Regional Development Specialist in Vancouver BC has graciously agreed to give the keynote address on IB Recognition "Taking the message to government, an Alternative Pathway". Bob will review recent developments both in the IB and in university & government interest that support broader recognition at the district, state and national levels of educational governance. He will discuss the research and rationale for more comprehensive recognition by government and university for all IB programmes. Bob will focus on the case for the acceptance of the IB Diploma as a credential for high school graduation, a practice becoming increasingly common in North America and around the world. If you remember, Marjorie Mc Connell introduced that topic at the Fall Forum in October in San Diego. She will also attend the meeting to help Bob with questions and answers regarding recognition during the DP breakout session. MYP and PYP teachers need to know about this development but we have scheduled special breakouts for them:

MYP - Dave Weber "Creating and Differentiating Assessment tasks in the MYP".
PYP - Maike Silver "Transdisciplinary Learning", a new unit she has designed.

DP June 25 – 28, MYP/PYP June 28 - July 1, 2011

Register Now! The offerings for the CAWS TTW summer TTW sessions are now set and the registration process in conjunction with the Granlibakken Resort and Conference Center is in place on our website . There is no other workshop venue that is as attractive or teacher friendly as Lake Tahoe. On site housing and all meals including dinners and happy hours are included in the conference fees. The CAWS website has all of the details and also flyers that you can download with the offerings and the daily schedules.

Offerings for Diploma: June 25-28
Levels 1 and 2 - Language A: Literature in English (Old title - Language A1)
History Route 2 (Option Americas), Music

Level 1 - Spanish B, Math HL, Math SL, Physics, Visual Arts, Coordination, Administrators, CAS, TOK
Level 2 - Biology

Offerings for MYP/PYP: June 28-July 1

MYP Levels 1 and 2 – Humanities, Heads of Schools/IB Coordinators, Mathematics, Technology
PYP Level 1 – 1A An Introduction to the IB Standards for New Administrators
1B An Introduction to the Curriculum Model


Good News! In October, the CAWS Board, recognizing the importance of roundtables, authorized $500 to be given to host schools to cover their expenses for security, custodian, maintenance, etc. These offerings are popular and an excellent example of best shared practices among teachers. Tracy High School with the help of Michael Winsatt held a successful, well attended Diploma roundtable in November of 2010. Michael is looking for someone to help host one in the south in the spring. Let me know if you are interested. Notice that we have two scheduled in January for MYP and PYP.

Jan 10 Fall/Winter PYP Roundtable (North)
Sierra Elementary School – 6811 Cambourne Way, Rocklin
Registration Information Listed on Website

Jan. 29 Fall/Winter MYP/PYP Roundtable (South)
Albert Einstein Academies – 3035 Ash Street San Diego
Registration information listed on the website


Dues: Please pay your dues to our treasurer, Bill Redding, if you have not already done so. They make your students and administrators eligible for scholarships and help to run the Association. The invoice is on the website. Scholarships: If you think the deadline for scholarship applications has passed, you are right, but I will continue to accept those few that missed the December 1 date. We have money to give to deserving candidates. Don’t wait! Get the forms found on the website to me now. DP Graduates: From Dorothy Battenfeld – DPC at Montgomery High School "Here's a great story about a Montgomery High School IB Diploma graduate. It is an excellent reflection of what IB hopes students can achieve/become"

This quote by Alex Hiam describes what you, as IB teachers, do so well. "You help the marathon runner the most by offering encouragement and nourishment along the track, not just by waiting at the finish line with a trophy" Although you may not be there at the finish line, you have given them their trophy – an invaluable education which will last them for a lifetime. They will always thank you.

Best Regards,

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