May Newsletter by Pat Prather

Coordinators and Administrators

As the end of another school year approaches, we can all look back and wonder how schools made it through, given all of the budget shortfalls at the federal, state and district levels. Congratulations to each and every one of you for enduring these hard times, for making do with less, and for continuing to ensure that your students are educated and prepared for the future.

Following tradition, I will mail to IB schools in August the CAWS annual information packet with all of the updated happenings for 2011-12. Be sure to check our website throughout the summer months so that you can keep abreast of the latest CAWS developments and upcoming events which I post all year long to keep our annual calendar current.


Amazingly enough, CAWS has offered IB Diploma Teacher Training Workshops to our California teachers as well as to those world-wide for 10 years . We have had great success thus far and hope to continue to do so. Our facilities, accommodations, food, and trainers are the best and our participants have a fantastic experience. This year our DP, MYP, PYP workshops will be offered again in back to back sessions. The first for Diploma teachers will begin June 25th and end June 28th at noon. The second for MYP/PYP teachers will begin June 28th and end July 1st at noon. Directions for registration are available on the CAWS website,, for your choice of programme, workshop desired, and hotel accommodations. Everything you need is there, including flyers to download for your convenience.

NEW THIS SUMMER AT GRANLIBAKKEN - We are adding a new element to the workshops this year – selling caps, t-shirts, and sweatshirts, all very reasonably priced and all items you can wear anywhere with anything. The primary color is a beautiful hunter green adorned with simple, tasteful “In Cooperation with IB” logos.


Offerings for Diploma: June 25-28

Levels 1 and 2 – Language A: Literature in English, History Route 2 (Option Americas), Music
Level 1 – Language B in Spanish, Mathematics HL, Mathematics SL, Physics, Visual Arts, TOK, CAS, Coordination, Administration
Level 2 – Biology

Offerings for MYP/PYP: June 28-July 1

MYP Levels 1 and 2 – Humanities, Heads of Schools/Coordinators, Math, Technology
PYP Level 1 – 1A An Introduction to the IB Standards for administrators new to the PYP
1B An Introduction to the PYP curriculum

Please support your CAWS Association in its endeavors to train all of our teachers in the IB curriculum, and also share with colleagues an incredible social experience this coming summer.


The International Baccalaureate has developed a framework of international education that will incorporate the vision and educational principles of the IB into local programmes that address the needs of students engaged in career-related education. In this context the IB wishes to collaborate with a range of agencies, including schools, colleges, career-related providers, local or regional education authorities and national education ministries (providing organizations), to develop this qualification, known as the IB Career-related Certificate (IBCC). The IBCC is an academic qualification designed to support schools and colleges that offer career-related courses to their students. Chris Mannix, International Baccalaureate Career-related Certificate Manager will be our keynote speaker October 24th 2011 and present the framework and background information about this programme of career-related education. Since Chris is familiar with AVID, and is the Head of the Hexagon Core in the Diploma Programme, he will tailor his remarks to include AVID and future development in the Diploma Programme Core. I know many California schools are interested in this new IB Programme and that many also have AVID programs. This is your chance to come and hear Chris Mannix, the Manager give you details and answer your questions. His Bio is on the website. We will have breakouts for MYP/PYP teachers looking at how changes to the Continuum will affect those two programmes. Check the website regularly to get all the details as they unfold over the summer. BOOK THE DATE!


So far I have heard from your Board President, Diana Cinatl, that her District, Desert Sands, is close to accepting the IB Diploma as meeting CA graduation standards. It will be presented to the Desert Sands Board in May. Have any other districts pursued this strategy which was presented by Bob Poole at our Spring Seminar in February? Please let me know since this is an important issue for CAWS and I need follow-up from you.


We are going to look at the concept of “Inquiry” in all three IB Programmes using a roundtable format. I have someone in mind to keynote but the Board will set the date at our August 14TH Board meeting. Then I can go ahead and book the speaker who is familiar with DP, MYP and PYP. Details will be on the website and I will give more information in my August 2011 Newsletter.


Sierra Elementary School in Rocklin hosted a successful PYP roundtable in April of 2011. About thirty teachers came and the reports of the days’ activities were outstanding. Let me know if you are interested in hosting a roundtable.


Check our website for details and how to register for Seminars on Science at the American Museum of Natural History in NY.


Senate Bill 532 is now an official piece of legislation.

The IB provisions on the bill require Community Colleges and CSUs to:
(1) Give a student who scored 5, 6, or 7 on the International Baccalaureate examinations taken during high school the same amount of credit given to students who score 4 or 5 on the equivalent advanced placement examinations taken during high school.

The full details of this Bill are on our website and a list of names of Senate Education Members to whom you can write letters of support. Please write to them. Be sure to clearly show “Support SB 532” at the top of your letter.


Thank you to those Coordinators who call or e-mail me with name and e-mail changes for their Coordinators or Heads of Schools. We want the website which lists all authorized CA IB schools to be accurate and we also want our database to be correct so that all information goes to the correct person. Please let me know of any changes at your school.


Please check out some important, useful documents on the CAWS website.

  • Bob Poole from Vancouver has asked me to encourage you to look at the IB Diploma Graduate Survey and respond to it. He is quite disappointed at the low number of schools that have signed up to participate. You want data – this is the way to get it. You have to give the input – it’s not too late to do it.
  • Jeff Beard, IB Director General, and Drew Deutsch, IB Regional Director, presented Power Point updates on the IB at the regional conference held in Bethesda. Those PP’s are on our website plus so many other documents that you can use to show parents, administrators, and school board members the benefits of the IB Programme to your school.
  • Look at the new study IB Prepares Students for University Success. This is great promotional material.
  • National Academy Foundation Partners with International Baccalaureate to Prepare Students for College and Careers. The National Academy Foundation is teaming up with IB to offer IB’s new International Baccalaureate Career-related Certification to NAF students currently enrolled in a school offering IB. IB and NAF will also work together to develop college, university, and employer recognition as well as accreditation opportunities for the combined NAF/IBCC model. This fits perfectly with our Fall Forum presentation on the IBCC to which all of you should come to find out about this new exciting IB Programme.


From Jennifer Sims:
The new SOLES Globalizing Teacher Education website
Features of this site include the following:

  • What is global education?
  • Seventeen case study pages each of which focuses on an
  • Individual classroom or approach at the elementary middle, and high school levels.
  • Video clips on each of the case study pages.
  • Discussion questions.
  • Links to school and classroom websites, plus much more.

From David Crawford:
Good article by Jay Mathews on students not getting credit for IB SL courses. He’s the guy that started the Newsweek top schools list. I like that he’s keeping the issue on the burner back east.


Life is like a camel. You can make it do anything except back up. - Marcelene Cox

So keep going forward – Finish up the year in a merry mood - then go and enjoy your summer! See you in the Fall.

Best regards,

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