President letter by Robin Oliver

Dear Colleagues,

It is my pleasure to welcome everyone to the 2013/2014 school year. Congratulations on completing another year of providing your students with exceptional opportunities through the educational training of the IB Continuum.

This year is guaranteed to be exciting as we continue to ride the crest of the education reform wave in California. We all know that the Governor’s budget, LCFF, and the initiation of Common Core will redefine California education. Educators trained for IB classrooms are fortunate because they are well prepared to adapt to these changes.

Your CAWS Board will act as your advocates in a purposeful and determined fashion working closely with legislators and university governing boards.

I am very happy to share a few of the CAWS Board highlights of 2012/2013:

  • Providing CAWS Board Strategic Training June 2013 – A dynamic, culminating experience with Paul Poore. We defined the most efficient ways in which our board can serve as your advocate. New Ad hoc committees will focus on:
    • Student Support and Involvement
    • Action Plan— Board review of governing policies
    • Financial Planning
  • Increasing CAWS presence in Sacramento – Achieving the goal of dialogues with state legislators during two meetings in Sacramento with key individuals who determine IB educational policy.
  • Presentation of Legislative Champion Award – State Senator Hernandez
  • Passage of CAWS sponsored AB421
  • Move the Fall 2013 Forum to Sacramento – Post Forum meeting with legislators
  • Increasing CAWS presence with UC - Achieving our goal to dialogue directly with UC admissions and policy representatives.
    • E-blast sent this month on revised A-G Course Submission 2013-2014 and posted on the CAWS website
  • Cutting edge CCSS keynote speaker at CAWS Fall Forum – Dr. David Conley
  • Granlibakken Teacher Training with expanded offerings

After speaking to Spring Forum keynote speaker Judith Fabian, Chief Academic Officer IBO, regarding problems with new Group 2 World Language assessment, she opened a review and is currently in the process of modifying Group 2 Internal Assessment. Our conversations really can make a difference, especially when we work as a team.

The progress we have made through our collective efforts and the talent displayed by each of you in your schools and classrooms has provided our students with opportunities that will enrich their lives. As we begin our new academic year, I am thrilled at the prospects of all that we will achieve in the coming year. Here’s to inspiring our students to become lifelong learners. Please contact me if there is anything I can do to support you on your quest.


Robin Oliver
CAWS President

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