April 2010 Newsletter by Pat Prather

Coordinators and Administrators
May is just around the corner and IB testing about to begin. Before the start of this very hectic time in the school year, I want to bring you up to date on recent and future events plus give you dates to put on your calendars. The CAWS website is always up to date so check it often to keep up with the latest news.
Teacher Training Workshops in Granlibakken, Lake Tahoe
Attention all CAWS member schools! We still have openings in almost every session for this summer's IB teacher trainings. Diploma June 26-29, MYP/PYP, June 29-July 2. Lake Tahoe is easily the most appealing venue of all the IBA workshop locations. All meals, including dinners and happy hours, are included. And we have extended the deadline for lower cost registration. Sign up online on our website C-ibo.org. Treat your teachers and administrators to an experience they won't forget.

Offerings for Diploma:
Levels 1 and 2 - English, History Route 2(Americas) Music
Level 1 – Spanish B, Math HL, Math SL, Biology, Physics, Psychology, TOK, CAS, Coordination, Administration, Counseling

Offerings for MYP/PYP:
MYP Levels 1 and 2 – Drama, Heads of Schools/Coordinators, Math, Spanish B
PYP Level 1 – 1A An Introduction to the IB Standards for administrators new to the PYP
    1B An introduction to the PYP curriculum
CAWS Bi-Annual Conferences
Fall Forum 2010
The CAWS Fall Forum will be held at the Horton Grand Hotel in San Diego October 24-25, 2010. The emphasis of the conference will be on Assessment in the IB for all three programs. Complete details are not yet finalized but put the date on your calendar and watch the website for more information. Early registration takes place the evening of the 24th and a special rate for hotel rooms has been designated.

Spring Seminar 2011
The dates for the CAWS Spring Seminar are February 27-28, 2011. The tentative focus of the conference is "Concurrency of Learning" a hot topic in the IB. As further details become available, they will be posted on the website and I will tell you about them in my September Newsletter.
An MYP/PYP roundtable is scheduled to take place at the Einstein Academy in San Diego on September 12, 2010 from 9-12 in the morning. At 8:30am a continental breakfast will start off the day. Watch our website for further details.
Council of International Schools Fair
September 26, 2010 is now set for the date of this very popular event which has attracted more participants each year. It will be held again at the French American International School in San Francisco where it has had wide success. Further details will be posted.
IB Conference of the Americas July 15-18, 2010
"Exploring Cultures, Expanding Minds" is the theme of the second annual IB Americas conference. The venue is Miami Beach Florida at the Fontainbleau hotel. Your CAWS Association will again be one of the sponsors of this event. For more information, go to the IBO website www.ibo.org/iba/conference. We hope you can attend this international gathering of participants from IB schools all over the world.
IB Access and Service Projects
Yesterday Jenny Sims, MYP Representative to the CAWS Board, and I met with Glynn Richards, Head of Access and Service Projects from the Asia Pacific Office of the IB. He is most interested in getting our CAWS schools and teachers to participate in this volunteer effort to help improve teaching and learning. Below is what he asked me to tell you about this project. You can find out more on our website under recent news.

"Access & Service Projects is a new IB department committed to working with teachers and schools outside the IB to improve teaching and learning. The goal of the department is not to create IB schools but rather to increase students' access to quality teaching, regardless of personal circumstances. Through the volunteerism of IB World Schools and teachers, and with funding from third parties, IB Access & Service Projects partners with governments, universities and schools throughout the world to change educators' approach to teaching. Emphasis is training teacher leaders and administrators in the tools of good teaching—the tools being the understanding, skills, and strategies underpinning student-centered, constructivist teaching.

Currently, the IB is exploring the possibility of a project in Mexico, focusing on helping indigenous schools. Once funding is secured, IB teachers and schools will be invited to participate in this project. Please contact Glynn Richards, Head of Access and Service Projects at glynn.richards@ibo.org "
Other Important Items
Congratulations to Dorothy Battenfeld, DPC from Santa Rosa, who was a delegate at the California Democratic Party State Convention in Los Angeles April 16-18
Online Professional Development-Seminars in Science
Check our website for details and how to register for this course at the American Museum of Natural History in NY.
Job Postings
If you have job postings that you want our webmaster to list, let me know.
Articles of Interest
These articles have been sent to me by individuals who thought you might find them interesting. I am posting the links so that you can access them.

1. From Nancy Forster, former Executive Director of CAWS:
This is an interesting article which has relevance for teachers, as well as parents and professional communicators. You might want to put the link on the CAWS website.

2. Me vs. smartest critic of AP in low-income school
By Jay Mathews

Read Jay's blog every day at http://washingtonpost.com/class-struggle.
As you and your students head into the grueling testing schedule, maybe this saying will be of help to you both: "It's the willingness to climb mountains that gives one the view". (Jon Winokur)

Best regards,

Pat Prather – Executive Director

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