IB Nahuatl Teacher Training Project

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The International Baccalaureate is investigating a possible project in Guerrero and Morelos states in Mexico, focusing on helping indigenous schools teach in a more student-centred, linguistically aware manner. Currently, the project is still in the planning phase while funding is actively sought.

The focus of the potential project is on fortifying indigenous education. Mexican indigenous schools regularly record the lowest achievement in the national reading and mathematics achievement test administered by the Secretaria de Educación Publica (SEP). Compounding the problem of low achievement is the loss of maternal language. Teachers’ lack of knowledge of student-centered learning methodology often means that students access neither their first language nor their cultural roots—further exacerbating low achievement and contributing to the disintegration of indigenous linguistic communities. Without appropriate and consistent institutional support for indigenous children and their families, Nahuatl as a dominant maternal language may cease to exist throughout some states within one generation.

The IB is now in discussion with the National Pedagogical universities in both Guerrero and Morelos states. The aim is to coordinate a joint approach that influences long-term strategy for indigenous education in those states. The basic idea for the potential project is a series of 18, two-day workshops over the course of two years. Each workshop (e.g., on “Assessment” or “Behaviour Management”) would be taught by a different team of two to three IB volunteer teachers, some Mexican, some U.S. Fluency in Spanish is a plus but there would be possibilities for non Spanish-speaking teachers to team up with English-speaking Mexican IB teachers.

As more information about this exciting potential project becomes available, the IB will be sure to let schools know. Contact glynn.richards@ibo.org for more information.

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