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From Bob Poole - IB Vancouver to IB Diploma Schools:

This survey is the new and global version of the well known survey from 2003 that provided data on the admission rates for IB Diploma and Certificate students at most major universities. Many of you will be quite familiar with that data. An update to this is one of the most requested statistical studies that we receive.

This survey will produce an updated version of that earlier study and will include some additional information.

I know that many coordinators found the 2003 version both compelling and useful. This one will be also; if the participation is sufficient for valid results.

Coordinators can provide the email addresses as will be requested upon sign up OR they may contact i-graduate to make arrangements for a specific link for the school so that all the participating students can be gathered in one place (such as a computer lab) and complete the survey together.

Participating schools will receive a report on the results of the survey.

The IB Diploma Programme Graduate Destination Survey
Sign Up Today!

Would you like to know more about the profiles of your IB Diploma Programme (DP) graduates?

Are you interested in the latest trends in university application and admission for IB DP students around the world?

Sign up your school by 30 April 2011 at www.i-graduate.org/ibdp

For your students’ participation, you will receive:
  • a global report of the profiles of DP graduates
  • a country report of the profiles of DP graduates
  • a personalized report of DP graduates of YOUR SCHOOL

The IB is working with i-graduate, a UK-based research consultancy, on this important global survey to be carried out involving thousands of DP students in IB World Schools in Australia, Canada, India, Mexico, Spain, the UK and the USA.

For more information, email us at recognition@ibo.org.

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