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Kari Grady Grossman has spent nearly two decades traveling, writing, and producing documentaries. Her writing has appeared on Discovery Channel Online, including coverage of a Mount Everest expedition and the Alaskan Iditarod. After traveling to Cambodia in 2001 to adopt their son, the Grossmans created the Grady Grossman School. Proceeds from this book will support the school, which now educates nearly 500 children a year. In 2006, she and her husband traveled to India to adopt their second child. A book on that country is forthcoming. The author is a 1990 graduate of Syracuse University and resides in Lander, Wyoming.

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Author Bio: extended

Author Kari Grady Grossman’s life has been anything but planned or ordinary. Born in Buffalo, N.Y. in 1968, Kari grew up in Arcade, N.Y. After graduating from Syracuse University in 1990 with a degree in writing for Television, Radio and Film, Kari met her future husband, George Grossman, while working together as photographers for the Vail ski resort in Colorado. In 1991 the pair traveled over 3,500 miles by bicycle to Alaska. They soon moved to Jackson, Wyoming where they founded the Great Outdoors Photography Company and married in 1994.

The Grady Grossmans quickly gained a reputation as top-notch wildlife photographers, tracking wolves and eagles among other creatures. In 1998, after selling their photography company, Kari turned her focus to writing and was sent to Nome, Alaska to cover the Iditarod for Discovery Channel Online. In 2002, Discovery sent Kari to the Mount Everest base camp for nine weeks to cover a women’s ascent.

Meanwhile, Kari and her husband had become serious about having children, only to discover that Mother Nature had other plans. By 2001, the couple had begun an adoption process in Cambodia, a country that they could hardly place on a map at the time. That soon changed.

Taken by the poverty in the country where their son Grady was born, the couple created a school in 2001. The Grady Grossman School now educates nearly 500 students through sixth grade. Kari was compelled to write Bones That Float to tell her story how adopting one child led to adopting a whole country. Proceeds from that book will go to support the Grady Grossman School.

Now a resident of Lander, Wyo., Kari is at work on a book about India, the homeland of her second adopted child, daughter Shanti.

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