IB English B and Computer Science

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to express interest in a position as a teacher of IB English B and or IB Computer Science. My qualifications demonstrate that I am uniquely adept to teaching these two subjects which are often viewed as unrelated. Therefore, I have had the pleasure of teaching a wide variety of classes in very diverse settings. I have developed curriculums across several subjects in both humanities/liberal arts and sciences. I enjoy the ability to advise students in several key areas related to these subjects.

My first experiences as a professional teacher started in university when I would teach the fundamentals of web page design to groups of university professors at California State Polytechnic University. I was still a student at this time majoring in Computer Science and considering a minor in English. Personalized faculty and staff web pages were still a new concept at this time and not many people on campus had the ability to design web pages, let alone teach it. Fortunately, the hours I spent teaching myself HTML and scripting during long hours working in a computer lab as a consultant was time well spent. I was able to impart what I had learned to groups of well-educated individuals in both one-on-one and classroom environments. Through working with these educators I discovered my own passion for teaching and a thirst to see more of the world.

I graduated from university with a B.A. in English Language and Literature and then took a job opportunity work in China. China presented many opportunities to me that I had not considered before such as working overseas instead of traveling strictly for pleasure. I started teaching at a small college in a small city which catered to students from underprivileged families. It was here that I unlocked my ability to inspire young minds to pursue knowledge. Now, more than a decade later, I have a built a reputation as a hardworking and fair. Finding my strengths in the field of education led me to complete a Master’s degree in Education Leadership. This greatly improved my overall performance in every role that related to teaching.

Currently, I work for Shanghai Qibao Dwight School. This is a joint venture school that pairs a Chinse high school and one of America’s most prestigious high schools, Dwight New York. I joined this team in August 2014 as part of the inaugural staff. I knew joining a startup school would be high pressure and high risk, but I desired the challenge. I was hired to teach English, however my role has expanded. My new title is English teacher| Computer Science teacher| IT staff member. I am qualified to teach both IBDP English B and Computer Science. I even coach girls’ basketball. I enjoy working in this dynamic environment very much and I have enjoyed a wonderful working relationship with students and colleagues. The reason I am seeking other employment is because of a recent death in my family that causes me to want to be closer to home. This is not an easy decision since I do not like leaving a job so soon after starting and I want to be a part of the developing school culture.

I am passionate about my profession and I spend a great deal of energy making sure that I create a classroom environment where all students can learn. My passion to ensure learning for all students has led me to be involved in student learning services. It pains me to see students struggling to learn in my classes when I know there are services to help them. I like to be flexible in my teaching and adapt to both the environment and technology as needed. I hope you will consider me as a potentially fitting candidate and I look forward to the possibility of speaking with you to discuss this opportunity further.

Lee A. Williams

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